Welsh actor and social activist Michael Sheen has recently visited the Basque Country thanks to Agirre Lehendakaria Center. Apart from being a Hollywood star, he has become a leading figure in the fight against inequality in the UK. Sheen grew up in Port Talbot, Wales, a town that is best known as the home of Port Talbot Steelworks, one og the biggest steelworks in the world, which employs over 10% of the town’s population. The factory has been under threat of closure during the last few years, with everything that it entails for the town and its citizens. The Michael Sheen Foundation aims to help his hometown, not only reinventing itself through innovation, but also creating a social and economic transformation process. This has resulted on a visit to the Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, due to the actor’s great interest in the cooperative movement of Mondragon and the spectacular transformation of Bilbao, a port and steel town just like Port Talbot. More info: agirrecenter.eus/en/michael-sheen/