The main goal of this project is to develop an in-depth research on the influence of culture and identity in the transformation of the Basque Country, in collaboration with international partners.


This research will have an ethnographic approach. We will try to collect the diverse narratives around the Basque transformation and the values that are associated with it. Once we have defined this parameters, we will verify is these common values have been determinant to make some strategic decisions. Finally, we will analyze the validity of these values and narratives at the present time and we will compare them and put them in contrast with other international experiences.


Up to now, we have carried out a pilot experience with Mondragon Corporation, carried out in partnership with LSE Inequalities and The Young Foundation. The results were presented in London last April. The next steps include the identification a number of “little Basque cases”, in order to undertake a similar research and oppose their results to the ones obtained in the pilot experience with Mondragon.