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With the aim of continuing to develop the collaboration between ALC and Columbia University, an institution in which the first democratically elected Basque President Jose Antonio Agirre (1904-1960) taught, and given the interest shown by the American university, we foster the Lehendakari Agirre Chair, that will be hosted by The Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity (AC4) at Columbia University.

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The main goal of this program is to project the Basque presence worldwide, and to share internationally the set of decisions that have made its successful social and economic transformation possible. At the same time, we want to encourage and spread different projects that analyze in depth the issues that could affect the Basque society in the future, by stimulating innovation and permanent change and facilitating the opening of the Basque Country to new social and economic realities, as well as new governance models. Additionally, we will create an international network of highly regarded collaborators that includes enterprises, universities and social institutions, all of them based in the US, so we can also include the Basque diaspora, our eighth province, in this academic project.