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Open Akademia is a tool designed for the development and dissemination of knowledge. This is due to our belief that all the cultural knowledge extracted from ALC’s research projects and international collaborations should be at the service of the Basque society at all levels. Through innovative concepts and ideas, this tool will allow us to create a new model of sustainable human development for the future. Additionally, this itinerant academy will open new debates and encourage the citizens to reflect on the state of the Basque Country.

Our first year of work has offered amazing results. We’ve tackled essential issues, such as immigration, economic inequality, culture, Basque Country brand, gender inequality, Basque economic agreement and the status of Basque sports selections in places as varied as Gernika, Bergara, Tolosa, Altsasua and Legutio, apart from the great Basque cities (Bilbao, San Sebastian, Pamplona and Vitoria). This way, we’ve managed to bring one of the most important experts on sustainable peace in the world to the industrial village of Sestao (Peter Coleman, University of Columbia), and the Catalonian lawyer Jaume López to the little village of Dima (1500 citizens), in order to discuss with its citizens the right to choose.