Agirre Lehendakaria Center and the University of the Basque Country have signed a collaboration agreement with AC4 - Columbia University, in order to develop a yearly exchange program for Basque researches in New York.

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The so-called International Agirre Program follows on the close relationship that Agirre Lehendakaria Center and Columbia University have maintained since 2013, when ALC was created. They have jointly developed since a number of research projects, always on the basis of sustainable human development.

For the prestigious research center this agreement represents a unique opportunity to deepen the research around this concept, taking the Basque Case as a reference, for they think the Basque Country is the ultimate evidence that a development that combines different agendas (politics, economics, human rights and environmental issues) can be successfully achieved.


This agreement also provides continuity to the relations between Columbia University and the Basque Country, starting in the 1940s, when Jose Antonio Agirre, Basque President in exile at the time, taught Contemporary History in Columbia. This program symbolizes his legacy, building bridges between America and the Basques and providing a unique opportunity as well for future Basque generations.

The initiative will also help opening the Basque case to the US as a sustainable human development model, positioning our culture and traditions in the world and reinforcing the connections with the Basque diaspora in American.

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The International Agirre Program will have its first selected candidate working in New York by the beginning of the 2018 Academic Year.The pilot program will last two academic years and will be renewed annually after that. We expect to make it a two-way program in the future, hosting Columbia Professors at the University of the Basque Country as well.