ALC connects Basque and South-African companies and institutions

Between July 16-20 a delegation organized by Agirre Lehendakaria Center and made up by different Basque companies and institutions visited South Africa, in order to IDENTIFY CONCRETE COLLABORATION PROJECTS with South-African public and private organizations.

Meeting with Christian Bason

Agirre Center connects Basque companies and institutions with the European reference in the field of public sector innovation.

The Independence Debate in Scotland

Guest post by Michael Keating. Mr. Keating is Professor of Political Science at Aberdeen and Edinburgh Universities and Director of the ESRS Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change.

Progress with Roots

In the last thirty years, the Basque Country has transformed itself from an economic backwater under Spanish dictatorship to a pioneer in sustainable human development. How did they do it?

New peacebuilding and socio-economic development approaches in Asia

As in other regions, and despite political stability and high GDP rates, many conflict-affected and post conflict areas in Asia and the Pacific, face social and economic challenges that inhibit their ability to transform themselves. In fact, most of these areas are locked in “intractable” or “wicked” dilemmas, trapped between powerful external forces and self-harming dynamics. These extremely negative conditions present tangible obstacles to sustainable transformation (limited resources, physical and social impact of violence, lack of external investment) as well as intangible ones, primarily associated with the power of violent conflict to narrow our imagination. Faced with these dilemmas, we tend to accept that change is not going to be possible and that belief system limits our actions and options. This also impacts on countries’ commitments to implement the Agenda 2030 and ‘Localize the SDGs’.