Mondragon will count on Mariana Mazzucato in its commitment to social innovation

Mariana Mazzucato, Founding Director of the UCL Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose, visited Mondragon by the hand of Agirre Lehendakaria Center. During her visit, she participated with ALC and Climate-KIC representatives in several workshops driven by Debagoiena´s local agents - such as Fagor Cooperative Group- whose objective is to position this valley in Gipuzkoa the best way possible in view of the future challenges the territory will have to face in terms of Sustainable Human Development (climate change, employment, education…).

“The economic growth is unequal. We must seek for ethical, balanced and sustainable growth”

The Basque Country advances toward Human Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). In the last three years, the Basque Government, the social entities and the companies have given serious commitment on the fulfilment and implementation of the SDG although, according to what Txabi Anuzita - Head of International Relations at UNESCO Etxea- spoke at the first ALC Conferences on Sustainable Development “it is a long- distance race with a series of difficult hurdles”. The international expert also emphasized the world´s “economic inequality” and stressed the need for the promotion of “ethical, balanced and sustainable growth”.

Pedro Miguel Etxenike: “The only way to lead is by setting a good example”

The Second edition of the “Líderes de Futuro” Program hosted on Friday, March 22, the master class of Pedro Miguel Etxenike, physicist and intellectual, defended during his exposition “leadership not having recipes” and explained to the audience how experience have taught him “the only way to lead is by setting a good example”.

Agirre & Companys an existing legacy

Last February 22 was a day to remember history and also prove the validity of the legacy that great men of democracy showed in the past. Thus, Juan Jose Ibarretxe, Lehendakari Ohia and President of Agirre Lehendakaria Foundation, and Quim Torrá, President of the Generalitat, walked together as the President Companys and Lehendakari Agirre did eighty years ago to cross France into exile. It was in February 1939. Ibarretxe and Torrá, stepping where their political ancestors stepped, honoured and remembered their memory and valued their great legacy as men of peace who defended their respective peoples from democracy.

Agirre Center shares the Basque case in Colombia

Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC) visited Colombia in February to share the Basque case with Ecomun, a network of cooperatives created by former FARC combatants. The visit is part of a project led by LKS Next and Alecop - cooperatives from Mondragon Corporation that, together with the European Union, are training Ecomun members in the values and organizational system of cooperatives.

Equality is the future

One of the cornerstones of Sustainable Human Development is equality. That is what Juan Jose Ibarretxe, Director of Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC), affirmed in the microphones of Euskadi Irratia on Friday, January 11. He also affirmed that history has to be built and written among all, and to this, it is necessary for men to get involved because equality is the future, as he stressed.

The key is not only to know but also to understand: we need to bet on an economy with soul and roots

“We have to teach what we don't know in relation to jobs we don't know. The key is not only to know, but also to understand”. This is how the director of Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC) Juan Jose Ibarretxe, summed up the seminar held on 14 November in the new headquarters of Etorkizuna Eraikiz and which was organised together with the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. This meeting, in which 30 people from different companies, educational centres and universities took part, had the opinions of Charles Leadbeater, one of the world's most renowned experts in innovation and creativity. He is currently part of Mariana Mazzucato's team at the Institute of Innovation of the University College of London. In his speech he advocated for an economy based on soul and roots.

Western Sahara: a conflict to include in the media agenda

Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC) held on November 6 in Gasteiz a conference on the conflict in Western Sahara. More than 140 people gathered in the Luis de Ajuria Room to listen to the reflections of Juan Jose Ibarretxe, Director of ALC, and Raabub Mohamed Lamin Mehdi, Saharawi doctor and president of the humanitarian association Doctora Beituha. The conference, in view of the concurrence, evidenced the diversity and plurality of the people attending, as well as the opinions expressed there: Saharawi refugees, Colombians and people from other African countries took part in an interesting and enriching colloquium.

Great e-learning experience with the University of Aconcagua

Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC) reaches more and more people every day. New e-learning technologies have made possible to materialize a successful experience with the University of Aconcagua (Chile). Thus, the Director of ALC, Juan Jose Ibarretxe, gave a lecture via ZOOM at this prestigious university with the participation of 19 students and teachers located throughout the Chilean territory where, among other arguments, the current need to “move from the education of skills to the education of sensitivities” was highlighted, in reference to the deficit that the system suffers.

“Neither Catalonia nor Euskadi have to defend the right to decir because it already belongs to us”

The Catalan town of San Vicenç de Castellet hosted on Saturday, October 20, an unprecedented debate in which Juan Jose Ibarretxe, Director of Agirre Lehendakaria Center, shared together with Txutxi Ariznabarreta, the political and social activist but also President of the Independentistak network, his perspective on the independence process going on in Catalonia. Ibarretxe stated that “neither Catalonia, nor Euskadi have to defend their right to decide because it already belong to us”.

Agirre International Program: First Call

Gorka Román Etxebarrieta. My six- month stay as a guest researcher at Columbia University in New York started in July, due to the agreement signed between Columbia´s University AC4 department, Agirre Lehendakaria Center and the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU). The main objetive for me to take part in this challenge, on both a professional and personal level, was to be part of a prestigious academic community such as the one at Columbia University. The signed program between ALC, UPV – EHU and AC4, was the ideal way to achieve this personal and professional goal. Up until now, the research and scientific objectives I settled and I travelled to New York City for, have been successfully met.