“The economic growth is unequal. We must seek for ethical, balanced and sustainable growth”

The Basque Country advances toward Human Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). In the last three years, the Basque Government, the social entities and the companies have given serious commitment on the fulfilment and implementation of the SDG although, according to what Txabi Anuzita - Head of International Relations at UNESCO Etxea- spoke at the first ALC Conferences on Sustainable Development “it is a long- distance race with a series of difficult hurdles”. The international expert also emphasized the world´s “economic inequality” and stressed the need for the promotion of “ethical, balanced and sustainable growth”.

Pedro Miguel Etxenike: “The only way to lead is by setting a good example”

The Second edition of the “Líderes de Futuro” Program hosted on Friday, March 22, the master class of Pedro Miguel Etxenike, physicist and intellectual, defended during his exposition “leadership not having recipes” and explained to the audience how experience have taught him “the only way to lead is by setting a good example”.