Agirre Center
2019/01/29 17:45:00 GMT+1
The first call of the International Agirre Program has ended with the implementation to support an international project based on processes of inclusion of migrants and refugees which has been displaced in areas affected by conflict through “social labs methodology”. The project will be presented in the next Erasmus+ projects call.

Dr. Gorka Roman Etxebarrieta, lecturer in the Department of Language Didactics and Literature at the Faculty of Education of UPV-EHU, has enjoyed a six-month stay in New York City, thanks to the programme promoted by Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC), as a guest researcher at the AC4 Center of Columbia University.

Gorka Roman travelled to New York with a research theme based on the implementation of studies and strategies related to the development of contexts on sustainable peace and conflict resolution in the Basque territory, as well as the implementation of methodologies and processes aimed to promote social inclusion.

After his stay, his research has been enriched with others related to the “social labs methodology”,the projects developed by ALC around sustainable peace and also thanks the processes of social and cultural inclusion of people at risk of exclusion developed by the UPV-EHU.  

This first call has constitute an important research network among organizations and institutions from United States, South America and Europe. This ambitious research project will be eligible for European funding in the next call for Erasmus+ and will materialize over a period of three years.

The researcher has also given seminars and talks between researchers, professors and students of the academic institution on issues related to conflict resolution and strategies to promote sustainable peace scenarios. In addition to his profuse research work, he has had the opportunity to collaborate and formulate several scientific articles in international journals.