Last June 16 Agirre Lehendakaria Center and AC4-Columbia, in partnership with EHU Gune, hosted a workshop on Sustainable Peace and Causal-Loop Diagram with Dr. Peter Coleman.


The purpose for holding a workshop with stakeholders was to gain field-based insight into the factors and dynamics that affect trajectories for sustainable peace. During the workshop, stakeholders were introduced to the SP-CLD Project and, using this framework, identify the dynamics of the trajectory of peace in the Basque Country.


To that end, we selected a group of participants with different backgrounds (art, business, journalism, culture, youth, sociology, public sector…).


After the presentations, each participant shared a personal story related to the Basque peace process. These context-specific insights were collected and will be integrated with the generic SP-CLD.


In addition to this workshop, on June 14th we also organized the second part of the seminar hosted last February in Bilbao with the same participants.