This stay takes place within the context of the academic institution’s “Study Abroad" program, carried out in partnership with Agirre Center.

A group of students from Seton Hall University - SHU in New Jersey will be visiting the Basque Country on March 3-11, thanks to Agirre Lehendakaria Center collaborator Borislava Manojlovic. 

Borislava coordinates the annual “Study Abroad" program, carried out in partnership with Agirre Center. She holds a PhD in Conflict Resolution and Analysis from George Mason University and a MA in coexistence from Brandeis University.  She has worked with the United Nations and the OSCE in Croatia and Kosovo. Her academic interests include historial narratives and conflict, peacemaking, human security, education in post-conflict contexts and reconciliation, among others. 

This eight-day-program was addressed to BA, Ms and Ph.D students. They had class time as well as field experience (discussions/interviews with scholars or practitioners from various institutions in the Basque Country, such as academics, experts, victims and representatives of all political sensibilities in the Basque Country).

During their first day, they had a meeting with Agirre Lehendakaria Center Director and former Basque Country President Juan Jose Ibarretxe, in order to give a general overview of the program.