Agirre Center, the University of the Basque Country, and AC4 - Columbia University organize a seminar on Sustainable Peace in the Basque Country.

Last June 16 Agirre Lehendakaria Center and AC4-Columbia University, in partnership with EHU Gune (University of the Basque Country – UPV/EHU), hosted a workshop on Sustainable Peace and Causal-Loop Diagram with Dr. Peter Coleman.


The PURPOSE for holding a workshop with stakeholders was to gain field-based insight into the factors and dynamics that affect trajectories for sustainable peace. During the workshop, stakeholders were introduced to the SP-CLD Project and, using this framework, IDENTIFY THE DYNAMICS of the trajectory of peace in the Basque Country.



To that end, we selected a group of participants with different backgrounds (art, business, JOURNALISM, CULTURE, YOUTH, sociology, public sector…).

After the presentations, each participant shared a personal STORY related to the Basque peace process. These context-specific insights were collected and will be integrated with the generic SP-CLD.

In addition to this workshop, last JUNE 14 we also organized the second part of the seminar hosted last February in Bilbao with the same participants.

About Peter Coleman

Dr. Peter Coleman holds a Ph.D. in Social/Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. He is Professor of Psychology and Education at Columbia University where he holds a joint-appointment at Teachers College and AC4 -The Earth Institute and teaches courses in conflict resolution, social psychology and social science research.