Next November 22 Agirre Center will take part in a seminar on social innovation, participatory strategy and design thinking with Samantha Slade from PERCOLAB initiative (Montreal). The seminar will take place in Mondragon, and gather several stakeholders from an innovative project about to start in the valley. 

The main goal of her visit is to share her expertise on participation and co-creative initiatives, as well as exploring future collaboration opportunities. 


Slade has been innovating in the realm of the future of work and collaboration for the past two decades in Quebec and internationally. Equally at ease navigating complexity or calling upon creativity, Samantha enjoys accompanying transformational processes, hosting co-creative initiatives (such as next stage business models) and driving IT projects that empower people.

Samantha supports people in innovating their own solutions and growing their working culture, including shifts to self-management (Teal). Emergent process, design thinking, ethnography and a vast range of participatory approaches are her tools. Samantha’s book on participatory management practices will be published in 2018.