ALC undertakes the scientific leadership of the ‘Work4Progress’ program, sponsored by Obra Social “la Caixa”

The Work4Progress program sets out to create sustainable, quality employment for women and young people in India, Mozambique, and Peru through support from a network of territorial entities to foster the creation of companies and facilitate access to the labor market for disadvantaged groups in those countries. It does this through a new approach to international cooperation, applying social innovation platforms that listen to all stakeholders and using these platforms to provide responses to their needs.

The results achieved so far have led the participants in the program to create a ‘Virtual Classroom’ to disseminate the work of different platforms in the countries, with a view to getting to know -and learning from- the different experiences in real time. These platforms aim to go beyond the design of one-off projects, to foster the creation of solutions in an authentic ecosystem of innovation.

The program’s virtual classroom visualizes the process carried out by the platforms in the different phases(listening, co-creation, prototyping) as well as the connection between the phases and the documentation generated in them.