Agirre Center peace
2014/09/22 15:40:00 GMT+2
We take part in the launching of an innovative project that will explore how technology can be used for peace.

Last September 19 The International Conflict Research Institute (INCORE) at the University of Ulster, in partnership with ALC,  The Nerve Centre in Derry, The Young Foundation, New York based Culture Shock and Scensei in Washington launched peacebuilding and technology laboratory PeaceTechLab.

 The main goal of this laboratory is to explore how technology can be used to enhance peacebuilding. Technology has always been used for conflict, but h ow could we use it to to drive peace and to make the world a better place?

PeaceTech Lab Introduction (video credit: INCORE) from Agirre Center on Vimeo.

INCORE, Agirre Center and all the local and global partners of this project will seek to find answers to this issue and will also try to make a lasting and plausible social impact, by developing free, technology enabled tools for use in societies emerging from armed conflict.

That means looking at bid data, digital social networks, digital monitoring, computer gaming, archiving, storytelling, peace education and campaining as powerful transformation tools in areas of conflict.