Agirre Lehendakaria Center and the International Inequalities Institute (The London School of Economics and Policitical Science) are conducting a joint project on Gipuzkoa territory in the Basque Country. This research study takes place within the context of the so-called "K project". 

The International Inequalities Institute at LSE brings together experts from many LSE departments and centres to lead critical and cutting edge research to understand why inequalities are escalating in numerous arenas across the world, and to develop critical tools to address these challenges.

This is why Gipuzkoa is such an interesting case of analysis for the research centre. On one hand, the territory shows really good social equality levels, specially before the global economic crisis. On the other hand, during the 80s and the 90s there were specific strategic decisions - many of them against the international tendencies - that led Gipuzkoa to be among the highest positions at the Gini Index. 

LSE's hypothesis is that behind these decisions are common values among the citizens of Gipuzkoa, inherent to the territory. Their current mission is finding out about them through qualitative and ethnographic research


This is why Dr Luna Glucksberg has travelled to Gipuzkoa and is currently conducting the first series of field interviews in the territory. She's interviewing many people with different backgrounds: political, social, institutional, cultural, cooperative, business...

She'll be traveling again next November for a second series of interviews, presenting the first results in November.