Last October 14th we organized a seminar in order to present our research projects as well as the new ones, such as the so-called Open Akademia, to the academic community. We also held an open event open to the public in the afternoon.

2016 be the third anniversary of Agirre Lehendakaria Center working on Sustainable Human Development and the time for presenting the results of our research projects in partnership with Columbia, Seton Hall and George Mason universities has come.

To that end, we organized last October 14 an event in Bilbao that consisted on two distinct parts. The first one gathered our internacional and local collaborators (such as Josh Fisher from AC4 – Columbia University, Andrea Bartoli from SCAR – Seton Hall University, Miren Azkarate, Christian Thiel from LSE and Antton Enciondo from LKE Sarea) and had a more academic tone. The UPV/EHU was represented by Fernando Plazaola, vice provost of research, and ALC was represented by its Director Juan Jose Ibarretxe and Senior Fellows Amaia Agirre and Gorka Espiau.

The second one was an event open to the general public, in which our current and new projects, such as a chair at Columbia Universtity and the Open Akademia, were presented. This evening event brought around 250 people together in Bilbao.