While 1.800 people attended the conference in Kursaal, 23.000 streamed the event live.

Agirre Lehendakaria Center and citizen platform Gure Esku Dago organized a conference on the Catalan process and the right to choose last February 22nd in San Sebastian's Kursaal Palace. The speakers were former Basque President Juan Jose Ibarretxe and former Catalan President Artur Mas


The current president of the so-called Partit Demòcrata Català discussed the situation in Catalonia from his unique perspective. As former President, in 2014 he organized a democratic consultation for the Catalan people, in order to choose their own future. Today he is been prosecuted for that event. 


Ibarretxe addressed economic crisis, globalization and inequality and underlined the importance of each country's own culture. He also used a fitting metaphor to describe the Catalan process, comparing it to climbing to the top of the Everest, and reminded Basque President Agirre's words: "Always with Catalonia".