ALC hosted a delegation of Welsh businesses and institutions in order to identify possible areas of collaboration between the Basque Country and Wales.


Last June Agirre Center organized a previous visit to Wales and this meeting comes out from then. Both countries have many areas in common but also very interesting complementarities that must be increased, such as: innovation policies, big data, automotive industry, H2020, media/ ICT, transport, business networks, smart specialization…


The Welsh delegation was composed by agents from both the public and private sectors. Among others, David Rosser, Director of Innovation of the Government of Wales; Kevin Morgan, Professor at Cardiff University and author of the study for the OECD on Euskadi; Jen Rae, co-author of When Small is Beautiful. Lessons from highly-innovative smaller countries and Adam Price, coordinator of NESTA in Wales.



Several Basque companies and institutions attended the meeting as well, such as Tecnalia, Euskaltel, Innobasque, IK4, EITB, Urbegi, Prosumerlab, Orkestra, CodeSyntax, Mondragon Team Academy, Euskampus, Deusto University or Zero Zabor.