Juan Jose Ibarretxe has been awarded Honoris Causa Doctor Degree in Business and Management Development by Interamericana University in Puerto Rico, in recognition to his interest, dedication and commitment to this discipline.

Puerto Rican Interamericana University considers that Ibarretxe deserves this important recognition due to “his academic and professional credentials, his service to the Basque Country and his extraordinary conferences as visiting professor during the last six years”.

The investiture ceremony took place last DECEMBER 8 at the Teatro Recinto Metropolitano at the Interamericana University facilities. During the inaurugal adress ALC Director and former Basque President offered a DISSERTATION AROUND SUSTAINABLE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT.



Juan José Ibarretxe PhD (Llodio, 1957) was the PRESIDENT OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY from 1999 to 2009. Previously he was Vice-President of the Government, President of the Araba Region and Mayor of his home town, Llodio.

He holds a Degree in Economics and presented his THESIS in 2010, titled “The Basque Case: a comprehensive model of Sustainable Human Development”.

President Ibarretxe currently chairs the Agirre Lehendakaria Center for Social and Political Studies, a Columbia University  (AC4 – The Earth Institute), George Mason University and University of the Basque Country (Euskampus) partnership to share internationally the Basque case of socio-economic transformation. Since 2009 he is visitant professor at the Interamericana University en Puerto Rico.


This is not the first time that Juan Jose Ibarretxe gets an Honoris Causa Doctorate. During his extense career path several universities from around the world have awarded him with this recognition, such as ROSARIO UNIVERSITY, Argentina (2004), LA PLATA NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Argentina (2004), la IVANE JAVAKHISHVILI TBILISI UNIVERSITY, Georgia (2006), CÓRDOBA UNIVERSITY, Argentina (2006) and  SANTO DOMINGO UNIVERSITY, República Dominicana (2009).