Agirre Center
2018/10/26 18:45:00 GMT+2
Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC) reaches more and more people every day. New e-learning technologies have made possible to materialize a successful experience with the University of Aconcagua (Chile). Thus, the Director of ALC, Juan Jose Ibarretxe, gave a lecture via ZOOM at this prestigious university with the participation of 19 students and teachers located throughout the Chilean territory where, among other arguments, the current need to “move from the education of skills to the education of sensitivities” was highlighted, in reference to the deficit that the system suffers.

At the conference, held on 26 October and part of the Master's program in Socio-Economic and Territorial Management, the Director of ALC deeped in points related to social economy and territorial management, as well as gave explanations regarding the experience of the Basque Country in matters related to the development of territories. During the online class, Ibarretxe stated that “one cannot be global without being local” and that “in the face of the global agenda, the response must be local”.

The dynamics of the conference had an active group in participation in which it was possible to contrast the concerns of the attending students and the participating professors, as well as the learning acquired in the development of the master's program.

In view of the good reception and results, ALC is determined to promote e-learning dynamics by joining platforms that will allow us to train online and extend this practice to our relationship with other institutions. This kind of positive experience is as important as strategic for our Center as it will allow us to share knowledge and to achieve a more sustainable and supportive society.