Agirre Center
2017/10/18 17:30:00 GMT+2


Last Wednesday, October 18, we took part in the German Marshall Fund debate around Local Leadership held in Bilbao, focused on the social, economic and cultural elements of the Basque transformation experience. To that end, two local leaders from very different backgrounds served as facilitators, sharing their own experiences on each one's fieldwork. 

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Famous cook Aitor Elizegi gave the group the frame for understanding how local traditions, local products and the love for the homeland can be a perfect ingredient to lead the community, without forgetting global commitment and searching for progress.


ALC director and former Basque President Juan Jose Ibarretxe Phd, shared the same thought, "roots and wings", and analysed the role played by culture in the Basque transformation. 


The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) strengthens transatlantic cooperation on regional, national, and global challenges and opportunities in the spirit of the Marshall Plan. GMF contributes research and analysis and convenes leaders on transatlantic issues relevant to policymakers. GMF offers rising leaders opportunities to develop their skills and networks through transatlantic exchange, and supports civil society in the Balkans and Black Sea regions by fostering democratic initiatives, rule of law, and regional cooperation.

The delegation that visited Bilbao was formed by Evelyn Burnett (Economic Opportunity and Cleveland Neighborhood Progress), Shauna Hegna (Shareholder Services and Lands), Amy Kaherl (Detroit SOUP), Christopher Maroshegyi (Albright Stonebridge Group) and Simon Tafoya (Office of Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado).