Agirre Center
2019/01/11 16:30:00 GMT+1
One of the cornerstones of Sustainable Human Development is equality. That is what Juan Jose Ibarretxe, Director of Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC), affirmed in the microphones of Euskadi Irratia on Friday, January 11. He also affirmed that history has to be built and written among all, and to this, it is necessary for men to get involved because equality is the future, as he stressed.

Juan Jose Ibarretxe answered Euskadi Irratias request for an interview to talk about the situation of equality in Euskadi, as well as to speak in first person, how this reality is lived among men and women who share tasks and responsibilities in an equal way. In this sense, he explained how he conciliates his responsibility as Director of ALC with the nursing of his mother.

“In order to live with full dignity, men and women must have the same opportunities” he stated. In this sense, he also appointed how “it is absolutely necessary that men get involved in the process. Thanks to the efforts women have done, they have reached this stage. Still, it is impossible to move forward, if men don´t get involved in the path of equality”.

Ibarretxe also stated that taking to the Basque Parliament the Basque equality law and been this approved, has been the most important thing he have certainly done in his political career, as he stressed. “Now I am a caregiver, a nurse and a son at the same time and I am learning a lot. It is difficult but it´s a beautiful learning. We read the newspaper, watch movies (the last one was – Jaws)… and even when it is hard it is a beautiful stage. Being with parents when they are well is easy. It is difficult when they are in bad shape, but it´s immensely more enriching”.