Agirre Center
2018/02/18 13:45:00 GMT+1



Last February 7th Agirre Center and the Danish Design Center hosted a joint co-creation session in Bilbao, within the so-called Gazte Begirada  project. 

Gazte Begirada is an innovative pilot project on youth and silver economy fostered by the Bizkaia Provincial Government in collaboration with the following agents: Danish Design CenterAgirre Lehendakaria CenterUrremendi AgentziaGernikako Udala and Bermeoko Udala.


The main goal is building the Bizkaia of the future through the eyes of its younger people, while seeking new career profiles. The specific goal of the pilot project is to create general employment for the youth in Busturialdea, emphasizing those jobs related to silver economy.


To that end, this project seeks to create an open innovation platform that interconnects several entities and projects aimed to common goals, in order to achieve a higher impact. This way of working helps reinforcing the coherence and visibility of the newly created and already existing initiatives.


The theoretical framework and methodologies used in this project have taken as a reference the work developed by Agirre Lehendakaria Center with the following partners: AC4 (Columbia University in New York), CRIEM (McGill University in Montreal) and The Young Foundation, as well as the design tools, methodologies and resources from Danish Design Center.


Up to now we've carried out 34 ethnographic interviews and extracted some conclusions and youth profiles. During the co-creation session we expored them with key local agents and companies, such as Gazte Behatokia, Maier S Coop, Azti-Tecnalia, TZBZ, Busturialdeko Zerbitzu Sozialeen Mankomunitatea, Bermeoko Udala, Gernikako Udala, Mundakako Udala, Urremendi, H Enea Living Lab and Urdaibai Silver project, among others. We'll host another co-creation session with younger local people on March 2018. 



During the DDC Visit we also hosted the seminar Danish Design: Public Innovation Experiences and Cities, with Monica Moeskaer from DDC, Guggenheim Bilbao Museum Director Juan Ignacio Vidarte and Maitane Leizaola form Bizkaia Government.