Agirre Center conference
2018/04/09 13:30:00 GMT+2


Capturing the narratives of Sustainable Peace. Reflecting on the Basque Case  23 April. Columbia University

AC4 believes that better understanding and agreement about the core dynamics and processes which contribute to sustainable peace need to be promoted. To address this challenge, AC4 is convening an interdisciplinary team, using complexity science to uncover and visualize a comprehensive, evidence-based understanding of peace dynamics at the intergroup level. Through literature reviews, empirical validation, community dialogues, and quantitative assessments, the project is testing several hypotheses to create a Visualization of Sustainable Peace to communicate the key dynamics that contribute to sustainable peace to potentially serve as a generalizable tool for policy and decision-making.

ALC is also interested in better understanding how societies that have suffered violent conflict, such as the Basque Country, generate sustainable peace and human development ecosystems. To this end, ALC has conducted extensive research on the Basque transformation, discovering that a better understanding of cultural dynamics is key to building new sustainable peace and human development Innovation Platforms. Following these findings, ALC is promoting new Innovation Platforms in the Basque area, Northern Ireland, Quebec, Mozambique, Peru and India.

This seminar will present the research that both centers are currently implementing and offer an open dialogue to explore collaboration opportunities. Each presentation, lasting around 15-20 minutes, will address the following three overarching questions:

  1. In your projects, what have you learned, theoretically or intellectually, about sustainable peace and development?
  2. What are the practical policy lessons resulting from your work?
  3. What are some of the new questions arising from your research and findings?
  4. What are the new methods you are using to explore the above questions?



09:00 Presentation of the seminar.  Joshua Fisher and President Ibarretxe

09:30 Sustainable peace modeling (Update of the project) Peter Coleman & Team

10:00 Capturing the narratives of the Basque transformation. Gorka Espiau

10:30 The narratives of equality and competitiveness for sustainable human development. The case of Gipuzkoa. Luna Glucksberg (LSE Inequalities)

11:00 Big Data applied to sustainable peace and human development. Larry Liebovitz (AC4). Pascal Brissete (McGill University) The Big Data Observatory to capture the narratives of Montreal 

11:30 -12:30 Open discussion. How can we work together?

12:30-13:30 Lunch and presentation of the Agirre Scholarship Program. Joshua Fisher and Amaia Agirre