Agirre Center connects Basque companies and institutions with the European reference in the field of public sector innovation.

Last Friday, June 6th, The Mind Lab director and European Reference in the field of public sector innovation Christian Bason attended the Bizkaia Aretoa in Bilbao. From his Denmark based social innovation laboratory, Bason is shaking up the way of working on the public sector, by incorporating the citizen’s voice in the design of public services. Apart from the Danish Government, other international institutions, such as the White House, have requested his advice.


Agirre Center, in partnership with Prosumerlab, invited different Basque companies, NGOS and agencias, all of them linked to innovation, in order to connect them with Bason and favouring in this way the creation of potential collaboration projects between them.

This way we keep serving as an international voice for the Basque companies and institutions, and creating synergies and cooperation networks inside its intervention projects line of work.


The Basque government also organized a session with The Mind Lab director in the morning, which connected the Basque Country with the leading public sector policies in social innovation in Europe.

Here's an interview with Christian Bason on the issue, made by Prosumerlab in Bilbao: