Bizkaia County Council has located open government at the top of its social priorities, specially when it comes to youth participation in public policies.


Last week Euskampus-Agirre Center and Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia hosted a conference with the Danish Design Center director Christian Bason and their project coordinator Runa Sabroe, followed by a workshop in which the main topics addressed during the conference were analyzed in depth and applied to the Bizkaia case. 



The Danish Design Centre seeks to promote the value of design for Danish business and industry. The main way they do this is by giving companies and organizations an opportunity to test how design practices can boost innovation and development. They can help qualify investments in design or the recruitment of designers and help all actors navigate in the design landscape. 


Its CEO Christian Bason is shaking up the way of working on the public sector, by incorporating the citizen’s voice in the design of public services. Apart from the Danish Government, other international institutions, such as the White House, have requested his advice.