Agirre Center participated in the seminar “AN END TO THE BASQUE CONFLICT?” that took place at Liverpool University last March 26.

This one-day seminar focused on the nature of the Basque conflict and why it is still proving so difficult to resolve: Why has there not been more movement following the ceasefire? Why is there still no consensus around an agenda for reconciliation and conflict resolution efforts? From where will the initiatives come to break the impasse?

During the event Xabier Irujo (University of Reno, Nevada), Iñigo Urrutia (University of the Basque Country), Kevin Bean (University of Liverpool), Richard Gillespie (University of Liverpool) and Amaia Agirre (Agirre Lehendakaria Center) participated. Amaia offered the conference “Now is the Time for Words: Education for Peace and Coexistence”. 


ALC Director and former Basque President Juan Jose Ibarretxe was also part of the event. He discussed how the Basque Country, an economically depressed and socially and politically unstable society in the 1980s, has managed to transform its economic and socio-cultural circumstances in a supportive way, reaching high places in international rankings in healthcare, education and income per capita.

This event was a collaborative initiative between the School of Histories, Languages and Cultures – involving the department of Modern Languages and Cultures, the department of Politics, and the Manuel Irujo Fellowship in Basque Studies – and two external partners: University of the Basque Country and Agirre Lehendakaria Center.