Agirre Center Brazil
2014/11/12 15:20:00 GMT+1
Between 12th and 19th November a delegation from Agirre Center visited different SOUTH-AMERICAN COUNTRIES in order to present the Basque Case and identify potential collaboration projects with the Basque Country.

On 12th and 13th November the delegation visited Brazil and took part in different activities:


- Meeting with the state governor of Rio Grande so Sul Tarson Núñez Bernaola at the Gobierno de Estado in Porto Alegre, the capital city of the state. On behalf of the governor, due to personal reasons, the Chief Secretary of the Casa Civil Carlos Pestana attended the meeting.

- Presentation of the Basque Case at the FUNDACIÓN DE ECONOMÍA Y ESTADÍSTICA DE ESTADO DE RÍO, a government financed institution.

- Conference on the Basque Case at the ESCOLA SUPERIOR DO MINISTÉRIO PÚBLICO inPorto Alegre.


- Conference on the Basque Case at the FUNDACIÓN ESCOLA DE SOCIOLOGÍA E POLÍTICA DE SÃO PAULO. During the conference, titled “GLOBAL SOCIETY, LOCAL ANSWER“, ALC director Juan José Ibarretxe explained the Basque social and economic TRANSFORMATION in the last three decades, putting stress on the importance of the LOCAL CULTURES on facing the challenges of a globalized world. 

- Cocktail with the BASQUE COMMUNITY IN RÍO DO SUL STATE, where ALC director Juan José Ibarretxe received a plaque.