Agirre Center conferences
2015/11/06 15:50:00 GMT+1
ALC Senior Fellow Gorka Espiau presented the BASQUE CASE of Sustainable Human Development at the Public Service Transformation Network event “FUTURE CITIES” that took place in SHEFFIELD last 27th November.

Framed by current theory and research, this interactive event provided a real opportunity to discuss and shape the future of public services. Focusing on how a whole place city or cluster view can support effective system approaches to SERVICE DESIGN and inceased citizen wellbeing, Future Cities (organised by the Public Service Transformation Network) served as an opportunity to talk with expert thinkers, writers and practicioners about their vision of future cities.

GORKA ESPIAU from Agirre Center made a presentation on the SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATIONexperienced in the Basque Country since the 1970s, when we were undergoing a serious economic crisis, with high unemployment rates and an international image that directly related to terrorist violence.

Through self-goverment, public-private partnership, institutional development and clusterization, among others, and having the Basque Culture as a differential element, we have managed to reach high places in international rankings in healthcare, education and income per capita IN JUST THREE DECADES.

Prof. HENRY OVERMEN (What Works Centre for Growth), BEN LUCAS (City Growth Commission), ED COX (IPPR North), STEFAN WEBB (Future Cities Catapult), NAOMI CLAYTON (Centre for Cities), BEN HAWES (BIS/Smart Cities), SHARON SQUIRES (Sheffield First Partnership) and DYLAN ROBERTS & MICK WARD (Leeds Council) were also among the speakers at the event.