Agirre Center
2014/07/15 14:55:00 GMT+2
Between July 16-20 a delegation organized by Agirre Lehendakaria Center and made up by different Basque companies and institutions visited South Africa, in order to IDENTIFY CONCRETE COLLABORATION PROJECTS with South-African public and private organizations.

This delegation, led by ALC director Juan José IBARRETXE, was formed by representatives of Basque companies and institutions, such as TECNALIA, CAF, MONDRAGON TEAM ACADEMY (TBC) or the BASQUE GOVERNMENT’s Department of External Action.

During this visit they met and exchanged ideas with people in the academic, cultural, institutional and socio-economic fields. ALC presented the Basque Case and ROELF MEYER (former Minister of Nelson Mandela’s government and collaborator of Agirre Lehendakaria Center), in collaboration with several institutions, explained the South-African context, current opportunities and challenges to foster a sustainable human development.

The knowledge areas in which both countries’ institutions had interest were research and business in ENVIRONMENT and ENERGY SECTOR, MECATRONIC and advanced manufacturing, RAILWAY SOLUTIONS and team entrepeneurship sustained on COOPERATIVE VALUES.

ALC keeps in thiw way developing its INTERVENTION projects and connecting  different Basque organizations and international agents interested in knowing in depth about the Basque case of Sustainable Human Development and thus FACILITATING THE EMERGENCE OF NEW PROJECTS.