Agirre Center
2018/10/18 19:45:00 GMT+2
Gorka Román Etxebarrieta. My six- month stay as a guest researcher at Columbia University in New York started in July, due to the agreement signed between Columbia´s University AC4 department, Agirre Lehendakaria Center and the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU). The main objetive for me to take part in this challenge, on both a professional and personal level, was to be part of a prestigious academic community such as the one at Columbia University. The signed program between ALC, UPV – EHU and AC4, was the ideal way to achieve this personal and professional goal. Up until now, the research and scientific objectives I settled and I travelled to New York City for, have been successfully met.

As a professor in the Department of Language and Literature Didactics at the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU), this pleasant experience represents an unsurpassable learning opportunity to evolve both as a person and as a researcher and proffesor. Any researcher related to the conflict resolution area or related fields, who may take part in this great experience of scientific and knowledge exchange in the future, will be able of remarkably expand their capacity for analysis and joint work, together with international renown researchers and team of collaborators.

Since I arrived, I have been working in the writing and publication of several articles and papers. Some of these articles have already been published in scientific journals:

  • Roman, G., Alonso, I., Berasategi, N. (2018). "El tiempo libre educativo como recurso para la inclusión de las personas migrantes y refugiados. Diagnosis and approach to good practices in the Basque Autonomous Community". SIIS, Centre for Documentation and Studies.
  • Roman, G. (2018). Basque Radical Rock: The constitution of political subjects through music. Inguruak, Basque Journal of Sociology and Political Science. Vol 64, 24-40.
  • Roman, G. (et al). (2018). Best practices and conclusions from InclusiON European Project. Erreka Multimedia S.Coop. Bilbao. ISBN: 978-84-09-02868-9.

Other articles are being evaluated by international revisers and hopefully will be published soon.

Also, the scientific community of the Columbia University has welcomed me wonderfully by integrating me into its active research dynamics from the beginning. Being so, on the 18th October I will deliver a lecture on the Basque case, entitled "Fieldwork in Cross-fire: a view of political violence from inside and out".

The AC4 Department at Columbia University's Earth Institute has a number of internationally renowned researchers, proffesors and experts in the field of conflict resolution. In this respect, I have also been fortunate enough to have been involved in the team meetings and also, conferences of the specialized researchers in the field of dispute resolution.

One of the most outstanding aspects of my stay have been the articulation of an Erasmus + Program project between various institutions of international reputation, related to the conflict resolution and the integration processes of migrants and refugees, as well as socially excluded people in post –conflict contexts.  This project will strengthen the connections of the research and strategic nature of the ALC Program and the three institutions involved on it, as well as with the researcher himself.

 New York City and Columbia University represent an important opportunity for learning and maturing for any person that may decide for the program subscribed between ALC, UPV – EHU and AC4.