Agirre Center
2019/12/30 18:30:00 GMT+1
Within the framework of the 2nd Edition of the International Agirre Program, in which the stay by the UPV-EHU researcher Miren Onaindia in the AC4 center of Columbia University is included, Ms. Onaindia attended a conference given by Prof. Evelin Lindner in Teachers College titled ‘Human Dignity Studies’, in which she emphasized the need to create a “shared framework of cooperation and humility to build a better world, with the same dignity for everyone”.


Professor Evelin Lindner is the founder and chair of the international trans-disciplinary network Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, a collaborative community of researchers, educators, creative artists and other interested professionals. Its aim is to foster systemic change on the local and global scales to create spaces in which dignity, mutual respect and esteem can take root and grow. It puts forward the need for a shared framework of cooperation and humility to build a better world, one in which everyone shares the same dignity. To boost this initiative in 2011, the World Dignity University ( and the e-publication House Dignity Press( have been set up.

Professor Lindner’s starting point is the need to face up to current social and environmental threats, which requires an effort to reduce internal divisions and apply our scientific-technical knowledge to protect and restore the life of both human beings and the planet. Her core message is a call to abolish military weapons of all kinds, because “only a world free of military weapons can really fulfill the principle of human rights that all human beings are born free and equal in terms of dignity and rights”.

Some of the questions she puts forward for reflection are: “Why not take advantage of this historic opportunity to co-create a world that is worthy of the future generations, without war in any of its forms? Why is military spending still so high? Why do the world’s citizens allow the global link between governments and corporations to trap us in a spiral of competition/domination that feeds war and violence? One of the positive conditions that can help us to progress towards a war-free world is the ability to communicate globally that we enjoy nowadays. In an interconnected world, the planet should not be governed by the security dilemma, as we would no longer be in a compartmentalized world as has been the case over the many centuries of human history”.

Evelin Lindner was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015, 2016 and 2017 for her pioneering work to avoid the humiliation of nations and to ensure or safeguard human dignity. In this respect, she is making a unique contribution to Alfred Nobel’s idea of cooperation and understanding among all nations or peoples as the key to allow us to free the world of military weapons and wars.