Agirre Center
2018/10/20 23:00:00 GMT+2
The Catalan town of San Vicenç de Castellet hosted on Saturday, October 20, an unprecedented debate in which Juan Jose Ibarretxe, Director of Agirre Lehendakaria Center, shared together with Txutxi Ariznabarreta, the political and social activist but also President of the Independentistak network, his perspective on the independence process going on in Catalonia. Ibarretxe stated that “neither Catalonia, nor Euskadi have to defend their right to decide because it already belong to us”.

San Vicenç de Castellet (Barcelona) Debate: “Euskadi and Catalonia, two roads and one destination: indepence”.

The debate, moderated by the political journalist of NacióDigital newspaper, Aida Morales, led to a fluent conversation on various issues such as the October 1 referendum, the situation of political prisoners and their future trials, as well as the criminalization of the activits movement or possible paths to follow by Catalonia and Euskadi in the future.

In this context, it was possible to hear statemets such as “neither Catalonia nor Euskadi have to defend their right to decide because it already belongs to us” or also that, “Spain has lied to us. They told us that without ETA everything was possible...” And as Ibarretxe explained, samely happened in Catalonia, where hopes for a votation were given and promises were broken with the reduction of the Statute.

The debate entitled “Euskadi and Catalonia, two paths and one destiny: independence” had full seating capacity of El Coro Theatre in the town of San Vicenç de Castellet. The meeting, which was organised by ANC, Ómnium and SVC Decideix (local platform on the right to decide), continued with a charity dinner named Sopar Groc, in which relatieves and representatives of political prisoners and exiles also took part. The evening ended with a concert of traditional Catalan music.