Open innovation platforms are flexible tools focused on exploring the challenges and potential opportunities for specific places (towns, regions or even countries). Their ultimate goal is to achieve the expected systemic or structural change. These tools can also help generating new ideas, as well as developing and escalating prototypes to implement them. Open-innovation platforms also make the visualization of the results and generated benefits easier, contributing to communicate them to society in a better way.



The differential factor of our open innovation platforms is the addition of the cultural element to the community transformation innovative processes. We extract the shared values and beliefs underlying a town, region or country from the very beginning of the creation process. Culture is not only an important element, but the essential one in the creation of the platform. In Basque we spell culture with a “k” and that is why we use this synthesized formula: the “k” is the key. 

This, combined with the creation of new tools to measure these intangible elements, presents a more effective and non-disruptive alternative to the traditional logic in project management.