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  • Peru: Quechua language

    We work in partnership with the Basque Government and the University of the Basque Country [...]

  • Basque Sustainable Development

    The goal of this project is to understand what social, economic and cultural elements have [...]

  • BPPS

    “Basque Peace Process Scenarios” analyses the factors that have contributed to the end of the [...]

  • Lonergan Economics

    This research project applies the economic theory of the Canadian Professor Bernard Lonergan, which takes [...]


Report 2013-2016

Canada, Okinawa (Japan), Northern Ireland, Eduard Segarra (Barcelona), Nesta, ISCC (Northern Ireland), Seton Hall University, USA, Scensei (Switzerland), AC4 (USA), Nesta UK, Venice (Italy), INCORE (Belfast), Euskampus (Euskadi), Mind Lab (Denmark), INSITE (Venice, Italy), IES (Portugal), Brussels (European Commission), DIPC (Basque Country), Michael Keating (Scotland), Roelf Meyer (South Africa)

Borislava Manojlovic on ALC

Borislava Manojlovic is Professor and Director of Research Projects at School of Diplomacy and International [...]

Armando Geller on ALC

Armando Geller is co-founder of the Scensei initiative. He is also affiliated with the School of [...]

Kyong Mazzaro on ALC

She works across institutions within Columbia University to provide a broad range of support to one [...]